National Poison Prevention Week 2019 March 17th – 23rd
By PIO Dale Parker
March 14, 2019

Please read the attached press release for important information regarding National Poison Prevention Week , and what you can do to keep your family safe!!

To help prevent unintentional poisonings in the home, follow these simple safety tips:
 Use child-resistant containers whenever possible.
 Never refer to medications as “candy”.
 Read the label on all medicines and products, to follow directions exactly.
 Use measuring devices that come with medications. Do Not Guess - Be Sure of
the dose.
 Store all medications, pesticides and laundry products out of the reach of
 Keep all products in their original containers. Do Not store in unmarked bottles.
 Do not mix household products together; this could make a poisonous gas.
 Install carbon monoxide alarms.
 Store the poison center phone number on every phone: 1-800-222-1222.

Attachment National Poison Prevention Week 2019 - March 17th - 23rd Press Release.pdf  (238k)