Back-to-Back Shootings for Wednesday Night Crew
By Captain Steven King
January 31, 2018

Shortly before and after midnight, the Wednesday night crew responded to two unrelated shootings. Sadly, the victim of the first shooting incident was deceased upon arrival.

Less than an hour later, Engine 511, Ambulance 511 and Medic 511, were again dispatched to a second, unrelated shooting. While EMTs and paramedics from Stonewall Jackson VFD&RS and the Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue quickly administered medical care to the patient, Engine 511’s crew established an improvised landing zone in a parking lot beside Bullock Drive. Helicopter AirCare One quickly arrived and flew the patient to a regional trauma center.

Thanks to the quick actions and great teamwork of all the responding units, this patient's chance of survival and prognosis were greatly enhanced.

Units: Engine 511, Medic 511, Ambulance 511